About Us

About Us

In recent years, non-banks, particularly non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), have outperformed banks in new credit deployment. By leveraging technology to penetrate underserved segments, NBFCs have capitalised on the inability of banks to rapidly scale operations and customise rigid policies. NBFCs have seen a significant increase in their share of total new disbursals at the cost of public sector banks.
Our target market is South. In the beginning of the operation our business will concentrate on Chennai and Rest of Tamil Nadu as capital generation and supply to these states is very limited and demand is regular due to population density.

“To provide improved access and efficient provision to micro credit/finance to secure sustainable livelihood opportunity and a life of dignity for the society.”


FUEHRER CAPITAL stands to ensure that the underprivileged society is no longer exploited by the money Lenders or denied access to credit or any required financial services. To ensure this, it pledges to organize them, build their capacity and provide easy access to credit so that they smoothen their consumption, manage their risks better, build their assets gradually, develop their micro enterprises, enhance their income earning capacity, and enjoy an improved quality of life.


* To provide credit services to underprivileged society, based on social collateral.
* To train members of underprivileged society to handle the credit funds in a judicious
manner and contribute to employment and his/her own family income generation.
* To create opportunities for self-employment for the underprivileged.